“Dark Dungeons” Filmmaker Looking to Fund a Tournament for the World’s Most Boring Videogame


Inspired by a Penn and Teller idea to create a video game that would teach real-world skills, Desert Bus is a never-released simulator that involves driving a bus across the desert for eight hours, in real time, with no obstacles. If you finish, you get one point.

JR Ralls, last seen adapting the Jack Chick pamphlet “Dark Dungeons” into a poker-faced short film, has made the game – and wants to produce a tournament that will truly test the world’s best cyber-athletes, with a cash prize worthy of their time and sanity. It’s basically the video game version of Hands on a Hard Body, as anyone who lasts the full eight hours has to start again until only one is left. Players will have to be at the venue live and in person, playing with no distractions, while Ralls entertains the audience separately with musical acts and other entertainers.

Sure, your money could probably be better spent than donating to this Kickstarter, but if you love absurd things done just for shits, this seems like a worthier cause than the potato salad guy.