Dredd Sequel…Will Be a 7-Part Web Series

Judge Death (it wasn't me) by adam-brown on deviantART

Dredd executive producer Adi Shankar may not have the big bucks to get another movie out, but it seems he’s been shooting a short film about the Dark Judges for a while now, and he plans to release it online sometime this month, in installments. No word on Karl Urban being in it, but it’s a pretty sure thing that Judge Death will be – and the above artwork seems like a pretty decent imagining of what he could look like in the established movieverse.

Shankar is also the guy who gave us the Joe Lynch Venom short with Ryan Kwanten that’s probably way better than anything Sony will do, so he’s no slouch at this, though at least this time he’s actually doing a character he (in theory) has the rights to. Now, who would you like to see as Death? Back in the ’80s there were rumors of John Hurt, but I doubt they could afford him…that guy who plays Oswald Cobblepot on Gotham might work.