I’m Just Here For The Open Bar


Good Morning,

I’m Tom, you’re Guest Editor/Geek Guru for the day. I had a few options in how I could approach this honor, the simplest of which would have been to post some news bits on whatever was topical for the day in a couple of hundred words with a few pics. Basically mail it in and call it day.

Then I started drinking.

It’s late as I write this, so depending on how the evening goes you may or may not get the full monty, but in any case I hope to make the day interesting.

Now, if anything super news-worthy comes in (and by that I mean that my friends post it on Facebook) you’ll be sure to see it here in the blood thirsty winner-take-all world of SEO and social traffic. But aside from that I’ll drum up a rage post or 2, maybe an infographic, and certainly a listicle because you love ’em! (I really don’t remember exactly what the rules are here since I was reading a League of Legends slash fic while speaking with Luke earlier and totally not paying attention.)

Also, this site runs on Movable Type, since it’s apparently still 2002 somewhere. So I get to make as many “Is your blog movable? You better catch it!” jokes as I like. Don’t judge me. Besides, we wouldn’t want Luke to get fired…or would we?