Some Way, Somehow, Hot Toys Has Made an Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando Figure


Evidently, they fight for love.

Hey, remember when your brain said a Commando John Matrix figure was the last thing Hot Toys would make? It lied. So let off some steam and pick this baby up. He comes with every accessory you’d ever need, except for a deer to feed and an ice cream cone to cutely smash into his face.

It is my contention, and always has been, that aside from the genuinely great movies Schwarzenegger somehow finagled his way into (Conan, Terminator, Total Recall, etc.), Commando is his best – the prototypical super-Schwarz movie that has him doing things like picking up a phone both with his bare hands. And there were a couple of really bad tie-in figures in the ’80s, but this is the first since then, and the only one you need. Well, maybe…a Vernon Wells Bennett would be great too, but nobody’s gonna pay $250 for it.