Big Trouble in Little China Gets the ReAction Figure Treatment


Sometimes I think they exert more effort on making the card art than they do on the figures, but whatevs – clearly a lot of people love the vintage Kenner style toys with sculpts so soft they need not obtain actor likeness rights. Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Lo Pan and the three Storms make up series one, and each comes with accessories – Gracie’s headdress is removable, Lo Pan has his eyeball creature sidekick, and the Storms have their weapons.

Let’s see: we’ve had N2 Toys’ barely articulated (and impossible to find) figures, Pop Vinyl, ReAction…I’m betting Mego-style comes next in the “let’s make every kind of figure Luke DOESN’T like based on a movie he does” sequence. That or MiniMates, unless those exist already.