Billy Dee, Billy Dee! The Real Lando Will Be on Star Wars Rebels


Hell-lo, what have we here?

Let’s face it: it wouldn’t be a Star Wars-related show if it didn’t try to find as many ways as possible to sandwich in familiar cameos. Because in the Star Wars universe, as we know, EVERYTHING that happens in the entirety of space centers around maybe ten different characters, tops.

Rebels takes place approximately seven years before The Empire Strikes Back, and Billy Dee Williams was in his young-looking forties then, so the timeline is totally plausible. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately – from a certain point of view – this also means pretty much any original trilogy character is fair game for gratuitous future appearances too.

I am always happy to see Lando, who used to be one of my favorite characters, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that Williams, like Anthony Daniels, has been game for anything involving his signature character, Mr. Calrissian, from the as-yet unaired Detours to The Lego Movie. But if we could NOT have Han Solo show up, that be great, thanks.

via Superherohype; screenshot by “Blue Leader”)