Geek Apparel of the Week: BoJack Horseman “Horsin’ Around” Shirt


Ignore, if you can, the extremely douchey, unfinished, god-I-hope-they’re-bad-Photoshop tattoos on the Hot Topic model. Enjoy that we actually got a shirt for the show-within-the-show starring BoJack Horseman, a has-been man-horse loosely based on Bob Saget who self-destructively drinks and fucks himself into what may be an early grave.

Horsin’ Around, for those who don’t watch BoJack Horseman, is a terrible ’90s sitcom about a horse adopting human children. It made BoJack famous, but now nobody cares. Ironically, in real life I care. A lot. Not because I relate to sex with horses or anything; I swear it’s just the heavy booze that I totally get.