Final 3 “Club 200x” Masters of the Universe Figures Announced


The add-on subscription for six new figures, which will go on-sale Monday, now has a full line-up. Joining Callix, Ceratus and Evilseed, who were shown at Toy Fair, will be Prahvus, Veena a.k.a. Queen Grayskull, and Kulatak Elder a.k.a. King Chooblah.

Who? Well, Prahvus is a demonic bad guy who pre-dates Skeletor and is integral to the origin of Odiphus, who becomes Stinkor. Veena is the original Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, and wife to King Grayskull, ancestor of He-Man. Chooblah is the leader of a Yeti-like race that live in icy mountains, and the only one of these three to be a contemporary of He-Man and Skeletor. But as with anything Masters of the Universe related, most backstory takes a backseat to whether or not a cool toy can be made. I think all three will translate pretty well.