Toy Sculptors the Four Horsemen Launch Disappointing-Looking Fantasy Figure Kickstarter


I’ve given Four Horsemen products a LOT of my money over the years, from their early Spawn figures to the $300 Castle Grayskull they made because they could. They’ve allowed unprecedented collector input with their FANtastic Exclusive program, and single- (or quadruple-) handedly revived obscure toy lines like Outer Space Men and Power Lords just because they could.

So why am I pissing in their Kickstarter cornflakes today? Mainly because I don’t think it serves anyone to just be a booster all the time. Other sites do that. I don’t have to. And to me, Mythic Legions looks like evidence that great sculptors for hire sometimes need somebody else’s great creative talent to work off of.

I know fantasy names can be inherently silly, but these ones somehow crack me up more than most. Sir Gideon Heavensbrand? Thord Ironjaw? Skapular the Cryptbreaker? Orn Steelhide? Bothar Shadowhorn?



A medieval knight with oversized head, dreadlocks, and the name of the fat interior designer from Beetlejuice. Ooookay.

The figures will have interchangeable heads and armor, which seems like a pointless feature when every possible head and armor variation is seemingly getting made anyway. 30 points of articulation is good, as is talk of beasts and playsets.

Less generic sculpts would be better.

I might also suggest an app that gives you your own Mythic Legions name. Mine would most likely be D’runkarrd Typesalot.