Yeah, This Rocketeer Figure Is Pretty Much Everything I Need


That is rather obviously a digital mock-up of the packaging, but the figure photos are legit – we’re getting Cliff Secord’s alternate head, removable front flap and his Han Solo-ish pistol. (I’d have preferred a removable helmet because I always do, but at least we have options.) Funny that there’s a large number “1” on the package – does anybody actually think there’ll be a series 2, when you’ve just essentially included everything to make variants in one package? (Props for that, by the way. Other companies would have sold the unmasked version separately.)

The only test left is to see if the figure can stay immune from breakage when flung through the air by kids trying to make him “fly.” As my then-three-year-old cousin used to say of his rubber toy Rocketeer: “He fwied. He died.”

Twenty bucks. Not too bad nowadays.