Exclusive Marvel Legends Comic-Based Guardians of the Galaxy Set Has Two Former Build-a-Figures


I don’t know about you guys, but I never collected the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends movie figures, for two major reasons: one, I never saw Rocket with Groot torso/head at retail, ever; and two, I didn’t want to have to buy that crappy Iron Man variant just to get a complete Groot.

This new comic-based set is the better option. Yes, it’s pricey – for $120 total, the figures average out to about $24 each. But Rocket was a build-a-figure, and aside from the new comic-based head, so was Groot, meaning you’d have to drop around $120 each to get them separately. Meanwhile, Star Lord was part of a convention exclusive, and you don’t wanna think about the price tag on that.

The set also includes a tiny Tesseract and a comic-styled Baby Groot. You have to add your own dancing motions.