Geek Apparel of the Week: Body-Hugging Transformers Outfits by Mitmunk


I wish I had the figure to pull that look off. Wait, no, what do I care? I’ll pull that shizz off if I feel like it. Just like Tron Guy, you cannot body-shame a dude who is shameless.

What look like bodysuits here appear to be combinations of leggings and longsleeve tees, which will go on-sale at Mitmunk’s website starting tomorrow. The company is not new to form-fitting robotic attire, but the official license from Hasbro adds a substantial shot of Energon in the arm for their designers.

I feel like the Optimus windows are a little high – they usually represent his pecs – but if the goal is to draw one’s gaze to a level higher than the inappropriate one, I can respect that.

h/t Dr.Gonzo82