DC Bombshells Get Articulated Figures – Sadly, They’re Tonner Dolls


Everyone seems to love DC Bombshells – the pin-up art-style renditions of DC’s female superheroes that began life as a series of statues and have migrated to all kinds of spin-off merchandise, including – almost as an afterthought – tie-in comics.

Everyone (by which I mean Rob Bricken and I, because nobody else’s opinion counts) thinks Tonner dolls are creepy, and about as unsexy as the Bombshells artwork is appealing. Action figures would seem like a no-brainer for the line, while having them be Tonner seems like a literally brainless decision.

Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn make up the first series, and their price is in the same ballpark as the statues themselves. But at least now you can presumably put Harley’s flying goggles on her eyes if you want.