How You Can Help Make Some Amazingly Nerdy Costumes for Kids in Wheelchairs


Amazing parents Ryan & Lana Weimer, working with the Stan Winston School, have already shown their skills with the Toothless costume, above, to make children confined to wheelchairs feel like they’re riding mighty steeds (and possibly remind them that Hiccup had a problem with one of his legs too, but was still the hero). Now they’re asking for donations to make five more commissions, including a SpongeBob boat and an Avengers Quinjet. These outfits don’t just make disabled youngsters feel better – they make them the ENVY of their peers.

Unlike most Kickstarters, the reward here is primarily the satisfaction of knowing you helped bring smiles, and maybe a thank-you sticker. Unless you pledge ten grand – then you get a dinosaur tooth or claw from a Jurassic Park movie. Well, that and the knowledge that you used your time better than watching either of the two sequels.

h/t Dr.Gonzo82