RED Will Now Get a TV Show Based on the Movies Based on the Comic


I’m somewhat fond of the RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) movies, as they remind me a lot of my late father-in-law, up to and including some of the spy tricks the former government operatives in the movies use. A version of The Expendables flicks but done right, they’re more comedic than the graphic novel, which was a pretty austere affair, which is why it makes sense that a new TV adaptation just announced will lean more heavily on the movies, despite talk of a

more grounded and authentic world, focusing on the characters’ darkly hilarious struggles to survive civilian life as they simultaneously fight for and against the very organization that threw them out.

To make this work, though, we need the TV casting to mirror the movies, with actual aging action stars considered too old to anchor a show without a younger sidekick. David Hasslehoff. Kevin Sorbo. Jan-Michael Vincent. Lucy Lawless. Mr. T.

Who’s gonna be the one to say “Old man my ass!”?