PODCAST: io9’s Germain Lussier Explains and Defends His “Force Friday” Article


Just over a week ago, the world experienced Force Friday, a mad gathering of nerds to be first to get new Star Wars toys from The Force Awakens. The next day we got Snark Saturday, as millions of nerds cried out in anguish for what they were not able to get, and millions more mocked them for being grown men who play with toys, because that never gets old, apparently.

My friend Germain became one of the focal points, with his editorial at io9 about how disappointed he was in the way the whole situation was handled. And he took it on the metaphorical chin for not simply ordering his toys online. So I invited him on the podcast to address the haters – and while we were at it, we both reviewed M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie The Visit, too. Was it scarier than Force Friday? Listen and find out (and yes, the name change is slow to hit the podcast network).

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