BIG Transformers News! Titan Class Fortress Maximus, Fans’ Choice, Powermaster Optimus, MORE

Torpedo and Buzzsaw factions of Minicons have been introduced already; the new faction of Cyclones is coming next. Swelter is a new Decepticon in that faction.

341144_RID_MIN_Backtrack_close 341144_RID_MIN_Backtrack_open
341145_RID_Min_Swelter_robot_4C 341145_RID_Min_Swelter_vehicle_4C

Scorch Strike Beastbox


341148_Beastbox_Minicon 341148_Beastbox_Robot
Scorch Strike Undertone
B5844_RID_MIN_Scorch Strike Undertone_close_CMYK B5844_RID_MIN_Scorch Strike Undertone_open_CMYK B5844_RID_MIN_Scorch Strike Undertone_Run__CMYK
Anvil_Open B4715_Anvil_CloseC_CMYK
B4717_Doomitron_close_CMYK B4717_Doomitron_Robot_CMYK B4717_OP_Vehicle_3_CMYK
Optimus Prime – combine all his armor to make a huge-ass hammer. Slightly smaller than Warrior Class but almost as articulated.
OP_Armor_Axe Optimus_Capture_R
Sidewipe_Robot Sidewipe_Robot_Armor Sidewipe_Vehicle_2
336846_Min_Dec Back_close 336846_Min_Dec Back_open B5602_Mini_BB_pose1 B5602_Mini_BB_pose2 B5602_Mini_BB_Vehicle1 B5602_Mini_BB_Vehicle2 B5602_Mini_Major Mayhem_Beast B5602_Mini_Major Mayhem_close
Grimlock, with Bayformer-esque add-ons that may or may not please fans.
B5603A_CP_Grimlock_robo_beast1 B5603A_CP_Grimlock_robo_beast2 B5603A_CP_Grimlock_robo_pose1 B5603A_CP_Grimlock_robo_pose2
B4716_RID_Backtrack_CMYK B4716_RID_Backtrack_Runner_CMYK
Overload – can deploy any Cyclone Minicon.
B4716_RID_Overload_Robot_2_4C B4716_RID_Overload_Vehicle_4C B4716_RID_Overload_Vehicle2_4C
Drift_Robot_B_4C Drift_Vehicle_r4C Drift_Vehicle2_4C
Jetstorm_buzzsaw_1_4C Jetstorm_buzzsaw_2
336859_Hammer_close 2 336859_Hammer_open 2 336859_Hammer_Runner 2
Crazybolt – can also launch any Cyclone.
B5604A_RID_Min_Crazybolt_Beast_L 2 B5604A_RID_Min_Crazybolt_Beast_L 3 B5604A_RID_Min_Crazybolt_Beast_R 2 B5604A_RID_Min_Crazybolt_Vehicle_R 2
Blizzard Strike Slipstream
336825_B4657AS00_Blizzard Strike Slipstream 336825_B4657AS00_Blizzard Strike Slipstream_Robot_B 336825_Blizzard Strike Slipstream_Minicon
B4654_Min_Swelter_r2 B4654_Min_Swelter_robot_C B4654_Min_Swelter_Vehicle_C
B4655_Min_Dec Back B4655_Min_Dec Back_Close_CMYK B4655_Min_Dec Back_Open2_C B4656_Dec Hammer_close_C_CMYK B4656_Dec Hammer_open2_C_CMYK B4656_Min_Dec Hammer_CMYK
Scorch Strike Jetstorm
B5599_RID_MIN_Jetstorm_close_4C B5599_RID_MIN_Jetstorm_open_4C B5599_RID_MIN_Jetstorm_Runner_4C
B5600_RID_MIN_Ransack_closeR2 B5600_RID_MIN_Ransack_openR2 B5600_RID_MIN_Ransack_RunnerR3
B5601_Min_Glacius_robot_C_4C B5601_Min_Glacius_robot_Runner_4C B5601_Min_Glacius_vehicle_C_4C

A few last tidbits from the Hasbro Q&A we participated in:

Any plans for celebrating Beast Wars, Armada or original RiD anniversaries with toys next year? Yes, and the anniversary of the ’86 movie will factor in too. Can confirm “Year of the Monkey” Optimus Primal.

Any new Masterpiece Decepticons planned? Nothing that they can reveal at this time.

Hasbro will not be renaming “BotCon” – they registered “Cybertron Con” to protect their trademark domestically, and because they’ve had Asian conventions with that name. The trademark was lapsing, so they renewed it.

They definitely want to do some Titan redecoes – you don’t make that much new tooling without wanting to get the most out of it. Opportunities for new Titan characters in the IDW comics.

Powermaster Prime has the master as a head instead of the original engine because they want the “master” figures to be more universal, work with every figure in the line, and all be the same kind of robot.

Which characters that you haven’t done do you want to do the most? Omega Supreme, Skorponok and Trypticon.

Nothing new to announce on the Machinima show, but they’ve been “awesome partners” and “they really understand the Transformers” (hmmm, as opposed to whom, do you suppose?) . “Great conversations” have been had, and the show might be a good place to introduce new characters. Basically sounded like a yes without actually saying yes specifically.