Wooden Block Transformers Great For Toddlers, Unruly Siblings

Every time I complain about a crowdfunding campaign, no lie within 12 hours, I’ve found one that just makes me angry that the already rich get to take advantage of the site. This time, it’s a small company called Bamloff, who are working on these wooden block Transformers [transforming robots – Trademark Enforcement Tim].

The Woobots are laser cut, hand assembled and going for about $20 each (if you pledge). They look like they have the same kind of heft and weight as the old die-cast Transformers I used to swing at my brother when we were kids. Honestly, that stealth bomber is really impressive. At the link, you can see gifs of the toys in motion, and they’re claiming (take this with a huge grain of salt) that they’ll be able to get the toys in peoples’ hands by Christmas, in some cases. These look fantastic, but I’m probably more interested to see one in 10 years, beat up with the edges all chipped away, just to see if they’re actually as durable as Bamloff says in the campaign.