Warcraft 3: Reforged Announced at Blizzcon 2018!

Do you prefer your Warcraft the good old fashioned way, without monthly subscription fees and all that MMO RPG nonsense? Then have I got news for you! Warcraft 3 is finally getting a 4k Remaster, and boy does it look pretty!

It may not be the Warcraft 4 original Warcraft diehards have been praying for; but, a return to the RTS roots in the Warcraft universe is hard to be disappointed in. Plus, it includes all content from both Tides of Chaos and The Frozen Throne in glorious 4k, so we’ll be “zug zug”-ing in style!

Release is still a long way off, but the pre-order link is already live and sporting a Holidays 2019 release date.  Also, Alongside the standard edition, Blizzard will be releasing a a “Spoils of War” edition that unlocks some other Blizzard Goodies, including a Meat Wagon Mount for World of Warcraft, a Third War Card back for Hearthstone, and a few other goodies across other Blizzard properties.

Real Time Strategy games have evolved quite a bit over the years, so it remains to be seen how fresh this return to Azeroth will feel. However, as someone who never caught on to the MMO hype train, I for one am nostalgically ecstatic for the return of Warcraft in an RTS setting. Let’s just hope that this blast from the past is successful enough to warrant a true sequel in the somewhat near future! A boy can dream…right?