This blindfolded Speedrun of Punch Out Wii is truly bonkers

Summer Games Done Quick was last week. The speedrunning event was raising money for Doctors Without Borders, and featured speedruns of everything from Marble Madness to Borderlands 2, but one major highlight from the event left my jaw on the floor.

Speedrunner Zallard1 (YouTube, Twitch), fresh from beating the unpredictable Punch-Out!! Arcade, fired up Punch-Out!! Wii and beat it blindfolded. And not just beat it, either. Demolished it. Navigating menus and throwing punches all while blindfolded. I have problems finding my own bathroom in the dark, nevermind making sure I’m pointing a wii remote at the right portion of my TV.

You can watch this impressive feat in the video above.

As impressive as Zallard1’s run is, it also brings attention to the beautiful design of Punch-Out!!. This is a game that is designed so well, that one dedicated gamer could beat it using only audio cues. It makes me hope for a new Punch-Out!! title on the switch.

Summer Games Done Quick managed to raise over 3 million dollars this year, breaking their previous records. If you’d like to check out the other speedruns from the event, you can find them on their YouTube channel, and I seriously can’t recommend it enough. Watching a tool-assisted speedrun of Celeste is like watching a work of art.