Wolverine and the X-Men Cartoon Is an Exercise in Fan Wankery

I said some pretty harsh stuff about Wolverine and the X-Men when it was first announced, mainly because I hate when Wolverine gets put in charge, because it’s obvious that it’s because he’s popular, and not because of any kind of storytelling. Well, I still hate that (the animators do attempt a cop-out by having Professor X’s ghost demand Wolverine take charge to avoid a dark future), but it seems everything else in this trailer looks good. There’s Emma Frost, Kitty Pride, Cyclops and no Jean Grey (which is about the only time he’s interesting), Sentinels, Domino, Mojo, Gambit?shit, it’s like the ’90s cartoon all over again, but with slightly better animation. I don’t know if kids’ll dig it, but it seems like X-Men comic fans should be masturbating furiously in joy.