The Satellite of Love Will Land at Comic Con

Fuck and yes. If you’re going to the San Diego Comic Con and are 1/10th the crazed Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan I am (I own every DVD, have the rest of the episodes on tape, two copies of the book, and a piece of Deep 13) you’re about to hear some very good news: There’s going to be an MST3K reunion at SDCC, including…well, everybody. From MST3KInfo:

On the panel will be: Trace Beaulieu, Paul Chaplin, Frank Conniff, Bill Corbett, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Bridget Nelson, Mike Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein. Wow.

The moderator will be Patton Oswalt.

This will be in support of the upcoming new MST DVDs from Shout Factory, who grabbed the license from Rhino not too long ago; I have no idea what their plans are, but Shout Factory has done some mighty fan-friendly DVDs of cult material (most recently, the Sam & Max cartoon), so I’m super excited! Yay!