Toy of the Week: Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona

Forgive me, but my love of Final Fantasy VII is so massive and unreasonable that it’s hard for me to conceive that others might possibly need reasons to buy an 8-inch, game authentic figure of Cloud and a scale model of his Hardy Daytona bike. I suppose I would mention the excellent articulation on both, or the fact that the bike’s steering wheel and shocks both work, that the sculpting is is incredible. Then I’d probably go into a huge tirade about how Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever, and that it proves games are art, and that I wrote a 150-page thesis in college to that effect, and you all would look at me funny and probably go visit some other less insane site. And as you left, I’d try to tell you that the set is available at Kid Nemo for under $70?wait! Where are you going?!