Duros Refuses to Let Muftak Kill Again

It happens every Friday night. Muftak comes into the cantina, orders a beer and a whiskey shot. He downs the shot in an instant, and nurses the beer; a half hour later, he orders another set. This continues for four hours. Then Muftak starts crying. About the Jawa he ran over drunk in his landspeeder. How the Jawa’s wife sued, and he lost almost everything?his family, his home, his marketing job. One hour of crying, and two more shots and two beers. Finally Wuher, the bartender, sees the signs and cuts Muftak off. Muftak gets belligerent, then staggers off to find his landspeeder, which the idiot Tatooine judge let him keep in the Jawa settlement. And Duros has to stop Muftak, try to get his keys from him, to stop him from running over some fool moisture farmer or hitting some Ronco

A half hour later, Muftak’ll be crying about what a good friend Duros is in Duros’ apartment; another half hour later, he’ll be passed out in Duros’ bed, and Duros’ will be stuck on the couch.

Every Friday night.

Thanks be to Skeletor for the tip.