DVD Day: February 10th, 2009


? My Name Is Bruce
Bruce Campbell is Bruce Campbell in My Name Is Bruce. I haven’t heard a lot of love for this movie, but I feel it’s my nerd duty to support anything Bruce Campbell is in, no matter how much Ted Raimi is in it. Also, the movie in the movie is called Cavealien 2, and that sounds totally awesome.

? Dragonball Z Season 8
The one with the Babidi and Majin Buu sagas. I really like the Babidi nonsense, because I think the whole Majin Vegeta story is actually kind of amazing, and this portion of the Buu saga should have the part where Vegito beats up Buu as a piece of candy. Sigh. DBZ is still kind of awesome.

? Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 2
An acquired taste that I do not have. I do not judge you people who like it, so don’t judge me.

? Friday the 13th: The Second Season
That’s…that’s a lot of Friday the 13ths. Maybe there was a misprint at the calender factory, because that’s kind of absurd.

? Death Note Movie II: The Last Name
Amazon reviewer Charles Solomon says that the Death Note movie series has a much more “satisfying conclusion” than the anime series. I don’t believe him, but I’ll watch the movie and keep an open mind. Then I will punch Charles Solomon in the throat for being a filthy liar.

? Street Fighter: Extreme Edition
I can hardly believe this exists, but yes, this is a super, extras-laden version of the original Street Fighter movie…in Blu-ray! You can see Van Damme’s scintillating performance as Guile in crystal clear HD! You can see Raul Julia’s embarrassment in every scene like never before! There’s a non-Blu-ray as well, natch.

? Chocolate
Remember that “special needs girl…with a special need…to kick some ass”? She’s out today.