Masters of the Hipsterverse


Several million of you guys have sent me this art by German graphic-design student Adrian Riemann, for which I thank you. Obviously, as a stupid-big MOTU fan, I love it, and I thank you all. Just for the record, let me explain why I’m only now posting it, seeing as many of you sent it to me last week.

? Day 1: I am sent the art. However, I’ve already posted a lot of fan-made nerdery for the day. Decide to hold off.
? Day 2: Lots of actual news. Decide to hold off again.
? Day 3: Other site begin posting the art. Can’t decide whether to post it or if it’s too late.
? Day 4: Every other nerd site ever has posted it. Am obviously too late now. Have fucked everything up.
? Days 5-7: Several million people email me the art, assuming I haven’t seen it, and understandably so.
? Day 8: Post art to get people to stop emailing me. Am beyond late. Commenters mock me for being hopelessly behind on nerd news of interest. Feel stupid and ashamed and angry. I weep big, bitter tears.

Still, the art’s nice, though. See ’em full-size and the rest of the characters here. (Pic via ToysREvil)