Nerd Music Video Trifecta: Mario, Lost, The Karate Kid

? Bowser’s Castle theme, performed by metal band Nylithia. That the video switches back and forth from them headbanging to actual Super Mario Bros. footage makes me crack up. I’m reasonably sure they know how silly this is. Reasonably. Thanks to Paul F. for the tip.

? “Mr. Eko” by the Lost-themed band The Oceanic Six. They’re apparently releasing an entire album of Lost songs in the near future. It takes some serious balls to make a pop song this goofy, so kudos to these guys. Thanks to Nathaniel for the tip.

? And now my absolute favorite: “Sweep the Leg, Johnny” by No More Kings. It’s actually a great song, in my opinion, even if the music video has a lengthy intro and the whole thing is mostly incomprehensible. You know why I don’t care? Because the video was directed by William fucking Zabka, the original Cobra Kai leg-sweeper Johnny Lawrence himself. Fantabulous. Thanks to Wardcrap‘s Chris Ward for the tip.