Nerdy Amusement Park News Bifecta: Sonic, Harry Potter

Yeah, there’s only two news items here. Frankly, I’m shocked there’s even two at the same time.


?? The Alton Towers Hotel in England has signed a deal with Sega to make a Sonic-themed roller coaster. It will be called Sonic Spinball and based after the pinball-esque game in some fashion, which I assume means riders will be crushed into balls and then beaten severely with large flippers. Joke #2: Reports say the first three rides on the Sonic coaster will be awesome, and all rides after that will be increasingly stupid and lame. (Via Nerd Bastards)

? If there can possibly something that needs a spoiler warning regarding a theme park, I suppose this it — consider yourself warned. Remember that Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park coming to Universal Resorts Orlando? Well, a number of hardcore Potterphiles have discovered that the park’s “villian” will be Salazar Slytherin, ancient evil founder of the Slytherin house and character who did not show up in the books. This news doesn’t rock my world, but I can understand why Potter fans would be excited. And the idea of an entire theme park section having a bad guy is pretty cool, too. Thanks to Jon for the tip.