Breaking: The Tron Legacy Toys Are Pretty @#$%ing Awesome

When I heard SpinMaster had the Tron: Legacy license, I was… well, let’s just say I was upset. So let this be a lesson — when you assume, you make an ass out of “um” and “e,” neither of whom appreciate it at all. Wired has pics of several Tron: Legacy toys and holy shit they’re a little awesome.

First the figures — not only do the highlights on the uniform actually light up (what a great fucking idea) but the faces are actually light projected so they 1) look exactly like the characters do in the movie, and 2) are actually animated! I cannot wait to buy the living hell out of these things.

Second, the lightcycle — I won’t deny that it’s a bit thick, and that’s usually a dealbreaker for me. However, I can find it in my heart to forgive it, because it fucking runs on walls. Which apparently also happens in the movies. And what’s even more awesome is that the lightcycle actually does have a light trail coming from the back (of sorts), and if another lightcycle crosses the “beam,” that cycle falls off the wall. HOLY SHIT. I swear to god when these things come out I’m going to have to organize a mass playdate for TR readers.


Last and not technically made by Spinmaster, there’s going to be some Tron-themed controllers for all the consoles that light up. They’re actually not that interesting, except for the Wii-mote, above. It’s beautiful. It’s like looking at a Van Gogh painting, except it’s Tron-themed, so it’s better. Thanks to Franc for the tip!