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No Need to Dredd This Judge Dredd Fan Flick


Let’s start off the day with a stunningly good-looking fan movie, shall we? This is the trailer for Judge Minty, an in-progress work by director Steven Sterlacchini with some shockingly good-looking costumes by Daniel Carey-George of Custom Creations. Although the name seems funny — “Minty” doesn’t quite have the same tone as “Dredd,” after all — Judge Minty is an actual 2000 A.D. character, who, if I’ve gotten this right, is the first to go out into the wastelands because he gets too nice to be a proper Judge. Obviously, Judge Dredd still get some screen time, and even if he didn’t, this thing looks gorgeous. Be sure to check out the film’s official site of you dig it, and thanks to Sean C. for the tip.