Bill Murray Is Just @#$%ing With Us Now



Goddammit. Bill Murray decided to taunt the legions of Ghostbusters fans by showing up to Spike’s Scream Awards dressed as Peter Venkman while accepting the “Best Horror Movie” award for Zombieland. Several things here:

? Jesus. That’s just mean.
? Murray looks old in this picture. Like, Rip Torn old. It’s freaking me out.
? Remember the other day when I said Dan Aykroyd was rewriting the Ghostbusters 3 script? Apparently he’s not. I would’ve updated the article except that I don’t think either possibility has any effect on GB3 getting made.
? You could, I suppose, take Murray’s Ghostbuster uniform as a sign he’s committed to the movie, or that it’s nearing some kind actual start date, or that things are looking up for GB3.
? Still, I’m 99% sure he’s just fucking with us. (Via /Film)