Barely Existent Nerd Movie Trifecta: The Crow, Martian Chronicles, Dragonriders of Pern

bradley crowper.jpg

?? Bradley Cooper of The Hangover fame is apparently in talks to star in The Crow remake. I think Cooper is a pretty fun actor, but I have my suspicions he can pull off dark and brooding — it’s hard to be that handsome and be angry with life. I also think Cooper is a pretty huge star now and has many better offers than The Crow, so I wouldn’t worry about it. (Via Variety)

? If you’ve seen the news about a new Martian Chronicles movie in development, it’s not actually news — producer Jon Davis, the guy who’s trying to develop it, just moved from Fox to Paramount. It’s the same project, just a different studio. There’s still no script, no director, no plans, no ideas, no dancin’, no foolin’ around. (Via The AV Club)

? David Hayter — one of the many Watchmen scriptwriters over the years and the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid — is writing a script based on Anne McCaffrey’s first Dragonriders of Pern book for producer Steve Hoban. There’s a million things that need to happen before this actually becomes a movie, so don’t get too excited or upset. Actually, I was all set to proclaim such a project doomed… when I realized if you could actually give Pern the full Avatar treatment, it might work. Have a truly alien world,  a weird mix of fantasy and sci-fi, some big awesome dragons…ride on Avatar‘s coattails, and it could be a success. And that got me thinking that if James Cameron had used all those Avatar resources to make a Pern movie, I actually would have watched the shit out of it, and probably liked it. I can imagine mass audiences going for it it too. Of, this will never happen, but it was interesting to think of. (Via /Film)