Finally, Someone Made Drinking and Driving Socially Acceptable!

Before someone freaks out: I do not condone drinking and driving. Yes, I’m a guy who enjoys his booze, but I firmly feel that anyone who drinks and drives should be be publicly executed (or at least face significant jail time). That said, here’s some drinking and driving I can get behind:

beer arcade.jpg

?You’re looking at the Beer Arcade, a $6000 custom-made beer tap and arcade machine. It’s got an HD projector, a fully
adjustable steering wheel and seat, dual motor force feedback, variable
resistance on the pedals
, and comes with 12 driving sims — while the back holds two five-gallon kegs or a
half-barrel of delicious, life-giving beer. Now, I’d still prefer the stand-up arcade cabinet of the Gamerator, but if you Topless Roboteers wanted to band together to buy me the Beer Arcade instead, I wouldn’t particularly mind. If you have six grand and are interested, here’s the maker’s official site. And h
ow bout lending some to your old pal Zoidberg, Mr. Money Bags?