What the Hell Is Hasbro Doing


?I’ll tell you what they’re doing — something called Unit:E, which as you can see from this promo from NYCC, unite:e’s — er, unite’s some of Hasbro’s less brands like Micronauts, MASK, Jem, Candyland, Battleship Galaxies (?), Stretch Armstrong, Action Man and something called Primordia into one… something. Admittedly, that’s all we know for sure, since Hasbro hasn’t said anything about it yet. I will, however, guess that it involves toys for all these properties, because 1) Hasbro makes toys and 2) Hasbro did reveal a bunch of Jem dolls, too.


You ladies may have to correct me on this, but I believe these are straight up reproductions of the original Jem dolls, right? Not that there’s anything wrong with that (FYI, there are a couple more Jem pics at ToyNewsI). Hell, if Hasbro just re-releases the old M.A.S.K. toys I know plenty of nerds will be satisfied. Of course, Hasbro could have ambitious plans for M.A.S.K., or the others, or may even be planning new Jem toys down the line. Who knows? I don’t. But when I know, I’ll tell you.