TR Contest Super Special, Sponsored by Doctor Who


?Okay. This contest is gonna be a doozy, so let’s get right down to it. This contest is sponsored by Doctor Who — not the Doctor himself, obviously, but the release of the Complete Season Six set on DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday. What does that mean? That means this is what I have to give away:

? Two Doctor Who: Complete Sixth Series sets on Blu-ray
? Two Doctor Who: Complete Sixth Series sets on DVD
? Two Doctor Who: Season 6 Part 2 Blu-ray sets
? Two Doctor Who: Season 6 Part 2 DVD sets

I KNOW, RIGHT? So four lucky winners will get Doctor Who: Season 6 Part 2, and four incredibly lucky winners will get the Complete Season 6 sets! So what contest could be epic enough for such an epic amount prizes? How about three contests-in-one? That’s right; I couldn’t decide which contest to run, so I’m running three different contest themes at once! They include:

? Future Incarnations of the Doctor
When Matt Smith regenerates, how weird will the 12th Doctor be? Specifically, how will he be weird? And how fucked up will like the 18th Doctor be? Extremely, I imagine.

? Rory Williams Facts
Doctor Who viewers know that Rory is the true badass of the Who-niverse. He’s like a Chuck Norris who’s insanely devoted to his wife. Surely you guys have some Chuck Norris-style facts for him.

? Worst Scenes from the Recently Threatened Doctor Who Movie
While the BBC denies anything is happening, Harry Potter director David Yates recently said he’s going to make a Doctor Who movie with nothing to do with the 50-year TV series, and possibly written by Americans. If it gets made, this movie will not likely be good. Please imagine the worst scenes from this potential movie.

So everybody can enter once for each contest, for a total of three entries. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, November 21st. The best entries of each three contests will get a Season 6 set, and the other 5 winners will be picked however I want. Oh! It’ll be first come first serve on who gets Blu-ray versus DVD, so keep a watch for when the results are posted on Tuesday. Infinite thanks to Warner Bros. for giving me such a pile of Doctor Who awesomeness to give away for you. You guys have a great weekend, and remember, if you’re thinking about eating carrots, make sure you peel them first.