The Soul Still Burns, Itches, Needs Soothing Relief

Things I learned from this new Soul Calibur V game trailer:

? Much like the gameplay, the voice acting is getting more obnoxious with each game
? Bandai Namco does not have enough faith in its attorneys to call Xiba “Goku”
? Ghost pirate Cervantes has been resurrected, presumably so he can finally finish Don Quixote
? Apparently Lizard Man in an angel named Aeon now
? I hate Tekken‘s Yoshimitsu a lot less when he’s ripping off Skeletor
? I hate all the new characters
? I will probably be buying Soul Calibur V the week it comes out, despite every cell in my brain screaming that it’s going to be worse than the already mediocre Soul Calibur IV

God I hate being a nerd sometimes.