Really, DC? A Flashpoint Animated Movie? Really?


Kevin “I Am Batman — No, Seriously, That’s Not a Joke, I Really Am Batman” Conroy was talking to the Nerdist Channel’s Comic Book Club show, when he accidentally revealed the subject of DC’s next straight-to-DVD animated movie.

Oh I just, just last night, I [was]recording a new animated movie…that features The Flash, it’s more about The Flash, but Batman is in it as well. It’s a Flash…Flashpoint! Flashpoint? I think it’s Flashpoint.

…really? Flashpoint? I mean, I’m sure it sold all right, because it was a DC crossover event, and mostly because after Warner Bros. executives demanded DC had to reboot their entire universe in like three months with zero planning DC decided  midway through Flashpoint was going to be the catalyst for the New 52 (and you’ll never convince me this isn’t what happened). 
But… does anyone even like Flashpoint? Does anyone even have any strong feelings about it? I guess it makes sense in a “let’s introduce the wider home video-watching audience to the New 52, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not all that important or even that interesting. Flash runs into a parallel universe, some things are different, nothing of lasting consequence happens over there, then that weird hooded chick who isn’t Raven says the worlds need to be combined again and Flash pops out in Crisis on Infinite Reboots. It’s not exactly the hardest sell for the New 52, is what I’m saying. (Via Nerd Bastards)