SDCC: Well, The Walking Dead Has Not Turned Into a Romantic Comedy Yet

I doubt many of you were particularly worried that The Walking Dead TV series would turn into a romantic comedy, but it’s nice to see that everything is just as horrible and fucked up for Rick and his ragtag band of idiot survivors as they were when we left them. That said, though, this trailer is a bit weird — it seems like Rick finds the prison, and maybe The Governor gets there second? Also, the Guv seems to already have a small town fenced in, which might be from the comic, but I don’t know. On the plus side, Michonne and the Governor seem great, and ain’t nothing wrong with more Merle… you know, other than the fact he’s a psychotic, homicidal racist. That’s admittedly kind of bad. Still, he should make for some good TV — if nothing else, he might be the one character able to perform the impossible task of getting T-Dawg an actual line. I guess we’ll find out when season 3 premieres on October 14th.