The CW’s Arrow Still Isn’t Green, But It Did Just Get More John Barrowman-y


John Barrowman is as straight as an arrow.

No, wait — I said that wrong. My bad. John Barrowman is going to star on Arrow, the non-green Green Arrow TV series, as, and I quote Entertainment Weekly here, “well-dressed man” who is “as mysterious as he is wealthy…” That narrows it down not at all; he could be a mentor, a fellow hero, a villain, a new character for the series, anything. But if you hire John Barrowman for your superhero TV series and don’t put him in some kind of superhero/villain outfit, you have blown the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m sure this won’t be the answer, but how awesome would it be if Barrowman were playing Hal Jordan for a little Green Arrow/Green Lantern team-up action? Sigh. I think I just depressed myself with how awesome that would be, and how it has almost zero chance of happening. (Via Comic Book Resources)