Become a Diamond when You Die

We’re not yet at the stage of technological development where we’ve achieved Star Trek replicators, pulling sub-atomic particles out of thin air to make tea, Earl Grey, hot, (or lubrication, anal, room temperature, if you prefer…it doesn’t matter. Replicators are like honey badgers).

What we can do, however – and by “we” I mean “a company in Illinois called LifeGem” – is take a handful of your cremation ashes and rearrange the carbon into a diamond (presumably a piece of coal is an option too, but that would defy the point since someone would only set fire to it again). And look: they have T-shirts!


Listen, not everyone can have their ashes launched into space. But you could adorn somebody’s ring forever, or even – LifeGem doesn’t mention this, but why not? – cut through concrete on the highest-end chainsaws. That’d be a proud legacy.

But since you won’t live to see it happen to you, how about immortalizing your pets? If your dog could talk, wouldn’t he tell you he’d love to find a way to tear stuff to pieces for fun even after his time on earth is done?

via Catster