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Zombieland vs. Michael Bay Pirates – Which Show Will Disappoint You More?


I’ll just go ahead and say it – I think I’m onboard for Black Sails. It looks exactly like you’d expect a Michael Bay pirate story to look, but since it’s not based on anything particularly realistic (I assume) or radically different – Pirates of Dark Water, perhaps – I’m okay with it. After a long day, TV shows where I don’t have to pay attention to the plot are sometimes the best kind.

On the other hand, TV, what the hell have you done with my beloved Zombieland? You can’t even be bothered to give Tallahassee a shaved head and awesome hat? (That hat really does rule – I have one and I love it.) Also he’s not the one who comes up with the rules. I know this is the same writers and all, but they appear to have been hamstrung by awful casting choices. Is Woody really so busy? I mean, Kevin Spacey’s doing online shows, so nobody’s too good for it.

If you told me based on concept which one I would have liked better, I wouldn’t have believed you. I wonder of the Zombieland show had to scrap any jokes about Twinkies at the last minute?

I don’t wonder enough to actually, you know, watch it.

h/t Canadian.Scott