Geek Dad Contest Winner



This is going to seem like a huge cop-out, but…

Everyone who entered is a worthy honorable mention. Seriously. If you made any of these up, they were still damn good.

Rather than reprint every entry, I would urge all of you to go back and read every comment on this one. Never have I seen a better talkback, word-for-word.

You’re all winners – from the ones who survived awful or absent parents to those who remember the great ones. But I did have to pick one.

It’s after the jump…

It’s ridureyu, not just because his dad tried to publish fan fiction…but because it’s fan fiction I would actually want to read.

My dad once wrote and tried to professionally publish Star Trek fan fiction. Where the crew of the Enterprise travelled back in time and met Noah. And it turned out klingons were mutating the human race into hybrid giant monsters, so Kirk and Spock caused the Biblical flood on purpose to save the species. And then Scotty and McCoy debated religion, because Scotty was Presbyterian and McCoy was atheist (even though the second season episode, “Who Mourns For Adonais,” pretty much said that Bones was religious and Scotty atheist).

I am not making this up, I have a hard copy of it stored somewhere with my books and important paperwork.

This was a tough call, everyone. I hope those of you who are and will be parents can draw some good ideas from your fellow entrants.