Blu-ray Today: Breaking Bad, Getting Old, Making Out


High School of the Dead Ova: Drifters of the Dead From what I understand, this is kind of a rip-off by most standards – a $9 Blu-ray that basically contains a single 16-minute episode. For high-school boys in small towns, however, that cover alone is probably worth the investment. Hell, even I know it’s a more marketable cover to run here than what’s on the box for the week’s real biggest release…

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series – For those of you who don’t know, here’s how married life works: “Hey, everybody’s raving about it, so I think maybe I want to start watching Breaking Bad.” “Me too.” “Okay, when?” “I dunno, sometime.” “Now?” “I don’t feel like watching something that I need to focus on right now.”

That’s a roundabout way of saying I have still never watched the show, though I have little doubt that I will like it some day. The complete set comes in a large money barrel, and with a Pollos Hermanos apron.

Red 2 Freed from having to loosely follow the original graphic novel, the second installment in the adventures of aging action heroes played by better actors than the Expendables keeps the light town going and the banter fresh, even as it also serves as a highlight reel for Byung-hun Lee, who carries his G.I. Joe grudge against Bruce Willis over to this film. I only saw a rough cut with color and sound issues, so it’s hard to fully assess the final product, but assuming that all got cleared up I’d say it’s better than the first.

Bill Cosby: Far From Finished I’m glad we can talk about Cosby as a comedian again, and not the media’s favorite go-to cranky grandpa to scold the kids of today. It’s your fault, anyway, Bill – all that pitching of new Coke and pudding pops got them completely crazed on sugar.

The Horror Show Been YEARS since I’ve seen this, but I remember it fondly. Detective Lance Henriksen takes on supernatural undead murderer Brion James, in a showdown that anyone who knows those two actors’ names will immediately want to see. It was also strangely released overseas as House III, despite having nothing to do with the prior tow installments in that comedy horror franchise.

Day of the Animals Back when filmmakers heard one or two environmental science catchphrases and proceeded to just make shit up, this movie posited that a depleted ozone layer would turn all the animals psychotic. Fortunately, Leslie Nielsen will be there to try and save us. Despite all those elements, not a parody. And speaking of which…

Mystery Science Theater 3000: 25th Anniversary Edition – Not a Blu-ray, but well worth mentioning, this DVD set includes four never-before released episodes and two out-of-print bonus episodes centering on the transition from Joel to Mike. Complete with a collectible tin and numerous bonus featurettes, it doesn’t need high-definition but it probably does need to be on your shelf.

And them’s my highlights for the week. What do you have to add?