Dead Rising 3 “Choose Your Own Adventure” Trailer Is an Epic Time-Waster (in a Good Way)


We’ve known for a while that YouTube videos can be made into interactive chains, where you click on different choices to show different “sequel” videos – but rarely do people take the time to make them into a decent run of decisions that actually feels like you’re playing an adventure. Certainly it’s rare for big companies to do it, as opposed to obsessive fans who’ve made their own 8-Bit RPGs of Saved by the Bell.

Not so with Xbox. In “Find Your Path to the After Party,” you must traverse the various different city neighborhoods of Dead Rising 3, choosing weapons as you go. Weapons like a flaming samurai sword, or lightsaber, or electrified lawnmower, or fire-extinguishing traffic lights….okay, dammit, you’re selling me on this game quite nicely, thankyamuch.

Hit the jump to play, but be warned: it can take 17 steps or more to complete!

source: Destructoid via SlyDante777