A Former Fan Fiction Friday Made Real: Star Wars: A Nude Hope, the Book


Back in 2009, Rob did an FFF on a fiction called Star Wars Episode VIII: A Nude Hope. Today, a guy on Twitter named Ferris McFly called my attention to the fact that there is now a book by that title on Amazon. How did he know? Well, because he did the cover art you see above. Here are some choice quotes from the Amazon sample:

“Come on Han, don’t you have any System of a Down or Static-X? Something to get this ship, ya know, a-movin’?”
“Oh Christ. Figures someone your age wouldn’t like this.”
Luke stared at him. “I’m a grown-ass man, dawg.”

However, Han and his crewmates were somewhere in the Derpadon system and if they wanted to make it to the Coxmonger Sector in time for the party, then an all-nighter was in order.

Would it kill Han to spare me a decent set of sheets? I only defeated the evil emperor for silly’s sake, Luke thought as he stretched his arms across the ends of the bed.
He stretched and stretched and streeeeeetched, but with all the force he was using a nice little Toot! snuck out of his rear end.

All proceeds go towards helping the homeless, which is a brilliant way to trick insane people into giving to charity.