Bob Newhart to Probably Play Yoda on Big Bang Theory‘s Star Wars Episode

Newhart pic by Alan Light

Unlike today’s earlier casting announcement, this one is meant to be funny.

Love it or hate it, The Big Bang Theory is embraced by corporate nerddom, so much so that they not only got their own Star Trek mashup action figures (and a really creepy Tonner doll), but now they’re teaming with Lucasfilm for a Star Wars Day episode in which Sheldon imagines visiting Dagobah, which will be recreated by ILM.

Newhart is described as being his “Jedi master” and “one of the iconic characters from the Star Wars universe during the episode — though exactly which character he’ll play is being kept under wraps.” But unless they’re going for a major swerve, that all points in only one direction. And I have to say, I think Newhart as Yoda is an inspired choice for comedy purposes.

The best part of the announcement, though, is that Newhart is claiming he knew nothing about Star Wars prior, saying, “they gave me The Phantom Menace so I knew what [Dagobah] would look like.” Epic trolling, Bob [ask one of your castmates what that means!].