Go Behind the Scenes of Jurassic World with The Today Show


We are still a year away from Jurassic World, but that doesn’t mean that the film’s publicity train hasn’t already started running full steam. The Today Show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager visited the New Orleans set of the (hopefully) dinotastic flick. In the footage, she interviews director Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. It’s all standard PR fluff, yet the dino faithful amongst you can check it out behind the jump.

Pratt and Howard are genuinely appealing leads, and they both seem to share an affinity for the franchise while also being keenly aware of how cliched the “chaos in a theme park” trope is at this point. (After all, it’s been 41 years since Westworld birthed the genre). I’m already tired of the idea of seeing yet another pack of precocious kids trying to outrun deadly dinosaurs, but I’ll give the film the benefit of the doubt and keep my fingers crossed that the skilled Trevorrow can subvert expectations and make Jurassic World an interesting effort that can stand up firmly on its own (clawed) feet.