I READ YOUR FANFIC! Beavis and Jane Lane in “Parts Of A Bung Hole”


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This one is a bit longer than usual, but it is actually quite well written…aside from the horrible, horrible content with its truly fucked-up twist ending(s).

Title: “Parts Of A Bung Hole” by X-87 Angst Gundam

Logline: Daria’s best friend Jane is an art therapist in a mental institution who begins a violent sexual relationship with a patient named Beavis. In doing so, she uncovers a dark secret that links her late friend Daria to Beavis’ dead best bud Butt-head.

Acts Involved: Sexual intercourse, biting, bleeding, blood fetish, murder porn, vaginal sex, rohypnol, date rape, unconscious sex, vampirism, disembowelment, pyromania.

Participants: Jane, Beavis, Beavis’ Uncle Max, Daria, Butt-head, Tom Anderson

The Live Reading/Performance…

I READ YOUR FANFIC! Beavis and Jane Lane in “Parts of a Bung Hole” from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.