Tim Burton’s Batman is 25 Years Old Today



I thought it might be fun to wrap up today’s Topless Robot broadcast day with a gentle reminder that time only moves forward and we are all on a slow, inevitable march towards oblivion. And what better way to make one feel the ravages of time than to point out that 25 years ago today, Tim Burton’s Batman first hit theaters?

Holy fucking shit where did that time go?

Yes friends, it’s been a quarter of a century since we all met the Partyman and danced with the devil by the pale moonlight. So we will be commemorating this with some fun Batclips from around the Internet. You wanna get nuts? Then hit the jump…

Before we get into the video mayhem, I implore you to check out the always hilarious April and Millie as they contemplate holding real-life Joker Money Parades here.

? Okay, on with the videos. Here’s Prince’s “Batdance.” I still don’t know what the hell this was all about.

? Here’s 17 minutes worth of Batmancentric news reports from 1989. It was a simpler, hairier time really.

? Vintage Batman action figure commercial. Bob the Goon’s finest moment.

? Siskel and Ebert bicker over Batman. I miss these guys terribly.

? Batman Taco Bell tie-in ad.

? Alfred does the Diet Coke hard sell.

? Entertainment Tonight‘s 1989 news report on the Batman premiere.

? MTV’s Steal the Batmobile contest ad with Robert Wuhl

? The original Batman trailer from 1989.

So happy Batday everybody! I’ll be back for more mayhem in the morning.