Mattel Teases Lord Ceratus Figure, 200x Mini-Subscription for Masters of the Universe


This was a surprise – and backs up the rumors of a mini-subscription based on the 2002 cartoon characters (“news about a new subscription club”). Lest there be any confusion as to who they’re teasing, the phrase “all the way from Caligar” is part of the not-all-that-ambiguous description.

Considering that for most of this line’s existence, we were told the 2002 style was “retired,” (occasional exceptions like Carnivus notwithstanding) this is good news for fans…if enough people can actually be persuaded to buy in and make a go of it at this late stage.

For old-school fans who don’t know, Lord Ceratus is the leader of Whiplash’s species, the Caligar. For even more casual fans, he’s a big green guy with a spiky tail.